Witness ProfileEdit

(Witness ID #00110)

Alex Kralie was the initial witness in the Marble Hornets case. As the director and producer of their film title "Marble Hornets," he worked with Jay ██████, Tim ██████, Sarah ███████, Seth █████████ and Brian █████. It has been confirmed in numerous entries that Alex has witnessed the Slender Man first hand and was the initial victim of his stalking. Current status is missing/unknown.
Alex Kralie

Alex Kralie in Brian █████'s House in Entry #20

The TapesEdit

Throughout the filming of "Marble Hornets," Alex had gathered a large collection of tapes from the project and personal use, all unnumbered and undated. At the end of production, Jay ██████ coerced Alex into giving him the tapes instead of burning them as he had initially planned. Three years later, Jay ██████ went through them and uploaded the most significant of these on the Marble Hornets YouTube channel. The following entries are the tapes Alex gave to Jay ██████:

  • PLEASE NOTE: The black screens with white text were added in by Jay ██████ and did not appear on the original tapes

Introduction (text added by Jay ██████) [1]

Entry #1 [2]

Entry #2 [3]

Entry #3 [4]

Entry #4 [5]

Entry #5 [6]

Entry #6 [7]

Entry #7 [8]

Entry #8 [9]

Entry #9 [10]

Entry #10 [11]

Entry #11 [12]

Entry #12 [13]

Entry #13 [14]

Entry #14 [15]

Entry #17 [16]

Entry #20 [17]

Entry #22 [18]

Shortly after giving them to Jay ██████, Alex supposedly moved and has been missing ever since.

Current ActionsEdit

While his situation and whereabouts are both unknown, there is evidence to support that he is still alive. In Entry #26, found here [19], Jay ██████ receives a new tape that shows Alex still alive, but being chased out of his new home by the Slender Man. In Entry #33, [20], Jay ██████ finds a second large collection of tapes in his hotel safe and successfully escaped with all of them. After uploading the footage, Jay found that he had rejoined with Alex, if not temporarily, to at least the point that they had made it to the hotel.

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