Witness ProfileEdit

(Witness ID #00112)

Brian █████ was an actor in the production of Marble Hornets and a good friend of Alex Kralie. He has been known to associate with Tim ██████, Seth █████████ and Sarah ███████ as well. His role in the Marble Hornets case is uncertain other than a witness.

Brian █████ in Entry #7

His first appearance in the Marble Hornets case was in the footage Jay ██████ posted in Entry #7 [1], where he is reading his lines to Alex Kralie. He does not see the Slender Man in the background as Alex Kralie did.

His second and only other appearance on tape was in Entry #12 [2] where he and Alex Kralie are again on location. However, he seems to see the Slender Man along with the rest of the cast.

The HouseEdit

Brian █████'s house was used as a location for the Marble Hornets film, as seen in Entry #20 [3]. It is speculated that the house that Jay ██████ was given the tip for was Brian █████'s. Jay ██████ makes several visits to the house, breaking in each time as it seemed to have been abandoned. These entries include:

Entry #16 [4]

Entry #18 [5]

Entry #23 [6]

Entry #18 is the first encounter with the Masky suspect. He also encounters him again in Entry #23. Also in Entry #23, Jay ██████ and the camera black out several times and awake initially in the first floor closet, then in the ruined building from Entry #22 [7].


At the end of the footage in Entry #22, Alex Kralie wakes up in the house and reveals that Brian █████ has gone missing along with the rest of the cast, listing the names of Tim ██████, Seth █████████, Sarah ███████, Brian █████, and even Jay ██████. It is assumed that Brian █████ met the same fate as Seth █████████ and Sarah ███████, as the others are more or less accounted for.