Josh Rallus makes his first appearance in his first video.

Josh started off being a video game reviewer on YouTube. He started getting notes from an unknown person and was forced to be a player in the Angel's Game. Josh appears to be the one the Dweller follows closely and was given the name The Keeper.


Austin - He was friends with Austin before any of this "Cryptic Bullshit" started happening. He was given the name The Other.

Alana - A friend of Josh's before the events began. She wasn't originally in the game but due to Josh and Austin not following the directions of the Dweller, she was dragged into the game. She has been deemed the Dreamer.

Nathan - Before the events. Josh had asked Nathan to give him and the crew a ride to the trees near the church. Nathan gave them the ride but didn't join them into the woods. He said he was to pick them up when they were done. When Josh and the others were done, Nathan wasn't there. Nathan's car was blasting music and it's car door was ripped off. Only a toy figurine was on the car. Josh noticed the Slender Man in the distance walking towards them while they were looking at Nathan's car. It is now assumed Nathan was killed by the Slender Man.

Stephen - Before. Stephen was curious about the camera Josh carried with him. Josh had no other choice except to tell him about the events that had been happening.

The Dweller - Is the one who gave Josh the name the Keeper. It's been sending Josh and crew notes with warnings and advice. Not much is known about the Dweller.

Slender Man - While not friends with the Slender Man, he has encountered him multiple times. Not much is known about him.

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