Kaiju's profile image, at the forming of NAPPA.

The leader and founder of NAPPA, Kaiju, is of the younger bloggers, and in fact, his Blog focuses on the Proxies in his High School. He's an intelligent young wrestler. Kaiju joined the "Slender Resistance"( a term he used to refer to Slender victims as a whole), in the middle of January, 2011 and has since made observations, and countermeasures against the proxies in his school.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kaiju has formed relationships with a number of other Bloggers, and is never spiteful, even towards those that antagonize the Bloggers, such as Redlight, in fact regularly commenting that he prays for the man's soul, showing disapproval towards the Revenants actions. When Redlight begins to have functioning members of society kill themselves after Cynthia is taken, Kaiju is still not openly spiteful, changing his normal, "I pray for your soul" or "I pray for your soul you bastard" to "I pray for your lost soul" signifying that, there is little to no hope for Salvation for the man.

Kaiju is an over all kind and optimistic child, with a penchant for leadership. He's willing to step down from a position that someone else is more qualified for, as seen in Plan of Attack when he allowed Matthew to nit pick at the weak points of the plan before the post was over.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kaiju doesn't seem to posses any supernatural abilites, however he does know how wrestle, and is physically capable of handling himself in combat,

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