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  • Masky, 'Masked Man', or Tim is thought by most of the fandom to be one of Slenderman's many proxies.sAMM
  • Maskys dark, medium-short hair also resembles Tims hair

In Entry #35, Alex and Jay manage to subdue Masky long enough to remove his mask, revealing his identity to indeed be Tim. Alex is subsequently seen attempting to attack Masky with a rock, & it is unclear what if any injury Tim/Masky suffered. Since he appears chronologically later in the series (Entry #33) it would seem he survived this encounter. In a later entry while Jay is reveiwing the tapes he finds that there is some corrupted footage. he manages to recover some of it and shows Alex talking with Jay, in which Alex says he only broke Tim's leg and "could've done worse and probably should of" this implies that the two could of left Tim at the house and that Tim is most likely still alive.

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