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(Suspect ID #00819)Edit

"Masky" is an affectionate name given to the unidentified masked figure who appears in the footage of the Marble Hornets incidents. His most prominent appearances are in entries #18, 19 and 23. Masky is identified by the effeminate white mask with shadowed eyes that he wears at all times.



Masky is an average height male of somewhat burly build. He has medium-short dark brown hair which is usually messy. He wears a distinctive looking jacket (said to be the same as the one worn by Tim) and a white mask.

           ..}Help Me{..


Masky appears initially hostile, having been seen attacking Jay in Entry #18. In other appearances, Masky neglects potential opportunities to hurt or kill Jay, implying that his motives A) have changed, B) are clouded or C) were not to cause harm in the first place. It has also been theorized that Masky was pushing Jay aside to protect him from the Operator (The Marble Hornets version of the Slenderman), rather than to hurt him.

It is most commonly presumed that Masky is an observer or a psychologically troubled protagonist. His behavior is indecipherable when judged alone.

Signal Connection to ToTheArkEdit

A common theory regarding the Marble Hornets case is that Masky is the same individual as ToTheArk. There are a number of supporting points for this claim.

Supporting arguments:
  • Masky appears prominently in several ToTheArk videos.
  • Both characters shield their motives but seem cryptic and vaguely helpful.
  • The two characters appeared at around the same time.
  • In the ToTheArk video Signal  the video ends with "COME BACK" and "FIND ME" flashing on the screen. The next Hornets video Entry # 18  Jay goes back to the house that was being referred to and thats where we find Masky for the first time.

Connection to TimEdit

Another popular theory about Masky is that he is actually Tim. This is not mutually exclusive with the idea of him being ToTheArk. All three could be one and the same.

Supporting arguments:
  • Masky may be ToTheArk, who used footage by Alex Kralie in his videos. Barring any supernatural means, Tim is one of a very few people who would have had access to this footage. Another person with this access is Jay himself. See the ToTheArk page for more information on the "Jay is ToTheArk" theory.
  • The coat that Masky is seen wearing appears identical to Tims coat.
  • Maskys dark, medium-short hair also resembles Tims hair.

In Entry #35, Alex and Jay manage to subdue Masky long enough to remove his mask, revealing his identity to indeed be Tim. Alex is subsequently seen attempting to attack Masky with a rock, & it is unclear what if any injury Tim/Masky suffered. Since he appears chronologically later in the series (Entry #33) it would seem he survived this encounter. In a later entry while Jay is reveiwing the tapes he finds that there is some corrupted footage. he manages to recover some of it and shows Alex talking with Jay, in which Alex says he only broke Tim's leg and "could've done worse and probably should of" this implies that the two could of left Tim at the house and that Tim is most likely still alive.

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