"Stay sane. Stay alive."

   - Matt's famous qoute.
Better known as No One of Consequence, NOOC, or the Ids Ego. Matthew is a very well-known Blogger. Member of NAPPA, he is considered the morality center of the, rather impulsive, Slender victims. Matty tends to distribute very little patients between those who delibrately try to annoy and threaten him, which is, given the
Icon of strangeness

The Icon of Strangeness acts as Matthew's profile image.

circumstances, understandable.

Personality and Traits

Matthew's grip on his own sanity seems to contradict with his above qoute, as he regularly states that he isn't to be trusted, or isn't safe, under the influence of an Hallucination. However Mattew IS very, very, intellegent, remarking on his blog the entire time he was Hallucinating, that everything was most likely an hallucination. Only later would he find out he was correct.

While he's certainly not a saint, he's still a kind spirit whos well-being is a deep worry of other Bloggers.

The trouble with BruderEdit

For a while, NOOC had been dealing with a strange person who spoke only in Brinary Code, the basis for computer programming, this person, later revealed to be Bruder, pushed NOOC to the edge of his sanity, after hacking into his account and leaving cryptic notes, to the extreme worry of NOOC's friends. While Matthew was out of commision, the NOOC account continued activity under the control of Bruder, who further pushed Cynthia into Slender Man's arms, and nearly manipulated Kelly into antagonizing her father.

Matthew made a prompt return telling him to not give into Bruder's demands. After reassuring Cynthia that Bruder was finished, Matthew made a post telling everyone what happened to him, and what he did to Bruder, days later, it was found that Matthew hallucinated the entire thing, and the status qou was un-touched. This leads many to believe that Bruder was a spawn of Matthew's mind.


NOOC has recently joined Kaiju's NAPPA, and acts as a voice of reason of sorts.

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