National Association for the Pursuit of Proxies and Agents

Nappa is a group of founded by Blogger Kaiju, with the purpose of teaming up and taking out the Slender Man's minions, or converting them to their cause. The main goal and definition upon it's initial proposal, was to get organized, come up with plans, ambushes and theories or take out a new breed of Proxies before they become a problem. The essential aim is to claim victory, no matter how small.. NOOC has recommended the immediate capture of Redlight.

Members in Order of Invitation and Entry

Yggdrasil(the first on the Invitation list and fifth member to join)

Branwen(the second on the Invitation list. Currently considering membership.)

Liam(the third on the Invitation list and the eight member to join.)

Shelby(the fourth on the Invitation list and the second member to join)

Frap(the fifth on the Invitation list and sixth to join)

Scott(the sixth on the Invitation list and seventh to join)

Inky (the seventh on the Invitation list and the third member to join.)

NOOC(the eight member on the Invitation list and the fourth member to join)

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