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Case #301737: Sethlapod 555

This Slender Man case is a rather newer case that began in late 2011. It is followed via blog, Sethlapod 555. A high school student is searching for information on his missing friend who has been presumed dead.

The BlogEdit

Sethlapod 555 is a blog run by a Floridian teenager named John Smith. He started his blog as a memorial for his friend, Zach Timbs, who had been presumed dead on his birthday, but had gone missing on John's birthday two years before. After investigating this occurance, he started to discover that Zach was mentally disturbed. He used to stay up late at night looking out his window, drawing pictures of the Slender Man, and many other strange things. Soon after, John realizes that Slender Man is targeting him and is involved with the disappearance of Zach.

"'yoU CAnnOt rUn.

YoU canNOt hIDe

EvvERyWHere yOU RUn.


I wIll FOllow.

i wiLL WaTch


UnTiL YOu deCIde tO SuBMit...



i WiLL bE HerE


i'M nOT GoiNG anYWherE" -- Entry Title: ////////////

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