Case #355742, Fully Declassified.Edit

Realesed with all details and evidence available.

Witnesses : John Conners | 'The Liesmith' |


The 'Readers Resort' incident was believed to have begun on Febuary 14th, 2011. The incident involved John Conners, and his encounters with the 'Slender Man'. Also involved in the incident was an indvidual going by the title of 'The Liesmith'.

Detailed AnalysisEdit

The incident began with John Conners, who began a blog in which to share his love of reading. Having brought a large amount of books recently, he had decided to review them, and discuss his opinions on what he read. Among the books he had brought, there was an exercise book filled with drawings. The contents contained pictures of a tall, slender figure, along with the title of Der Großmann.

John began to post images from the pages onto the blog. Many of these contained various references to the 'Slender Man', as well as references to Norse mythology and trees. The first image contained various motiefs, such as the phrase 'Perhaps He Sleeps (no more)', repitition of the 'Operator' symbol, and stylised eyes. Further pages expanded upon these, particularly the trees, saying that they 'are his eyes', with Yggdrasil, the world tree from Norse mythology also being mentioned.

As John posts these, facets of his personal life become known. He begun to have a recuring nightmare, one of darkness and trees, with someone or something whispering his name. At this point, a person begins commenting, going by the name of 'The Liesmith' (in reference to the Norse god Loki). When alerted to their presence, John realises that they have admin access to the blog, and isn't able to remove their access. The Liesmith speaks crypticly, talking of events repeating, and proclaims that it is too late for John.

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