Kelly upon Copper and Chrome's debut.

Better known as Yggy or Kelly. YggdrasilCore is a relatively knew addition to the Blogs dealing with the Slender Man. The fifth member to join NAPPA, he traveled with Liam Downs of Borderline and is currently with the Slender Man

At fourteen he used to view himself as a weak coward, and is willing to go through drastic measures to prove otherwise, such as going into the woods un-armed, a stunt that he was talked out of by his fellow blogger, Kaiju.

The above personality trait is another sign of his brash, hot headed behavior, the first example seen when he attempted to go into the woods un-armed, and furtherly examined when he does the exact opposite in Boston, when Slice warns him to stay away from Charlestown.

As of late, due to trouble with his memory, Kelly has become rude, vulgar, and more chaotic in behavior. After alligning himself with the Slender Man he's also become very cocky and arrogant in stark contrast of his somewhat frightened cautious persona. He's also shown signs of somewhat corrupted morale.

He runs the Blog Copper and Chrome, which, at first, offered some form of supplementary, before Kelly's memories become comprimised, and he begins to actually blog about his own experiences with the Slender Man.


Kaiju: The first Blogger, Yggdrasil came to know. Leader of NAPPA, and former friend.

Will: The second Blogger, Yggdrasil came to know.

Frap: The third Blogger, Yggdrasil came to know.

Liam Downs: A sort of big brother figure to Yggdrasil , and former Slender-Fighting, partner.

Shelby: A blogger, Yggdrasil came to know, later. A member of NAPPA, and former friend.

NOOC: A closer friend than the above, their relationship was badly damaged by Dennis' existance, and further damaged by Yggdrasil's switch of sides.

Slice: Like Liam, and NOOC he's a closer friend than the others(to Yggdrasil), and has recently lost his memories.

Branwen: One of Yggdrasil's few female friends, along with Shelby. She briefly became hostile towards Dennis, before Yggdrasil's switch of sides.

Ron: A friend by extension of Slice

Pete: A friend by extension of Slice.

Dennis, The Core: An alternate ego of Yggdrasil, with no access to Kelly's abilities, but with the power to rearrange, remove, rewrite and replace his memories.

Luke Cifer(Morningstar): An agent of the Slender Man, that delibrately angers Kelly on multiple occasions.

Nil: A young mentally immature Revenant, that Yggdrasil has befriended.

Tensor(X): A former agent free of the Slender Man's control, that Kelly seems to have made a point out of teasing, insulting, or beliddling.

Allen(Al(X)ne): Yggdrasil's superior, who "outranks him by a mile"

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is unknown what Kelly is, or where exactly his powers come from, but they appear to be identical to the Slender Man's own abilities.


YggdrasilCore's profile image after the manifestation of his supernatural powers.

So far he has demonstrated the ability to produce tentacles from various points of his body, he also is capable of creating Reveanants and using the Other Side to move around the world quickly.